A Moment to Celebrate


It feels important to mark occasions as they happen. Here at work, we’re constantly doing so much that’s it’s easy to finish something and move onto the next thing without taking the time to stop and appreciate what’s happened, be it a new chapter, a new launch, an exciting project…but this is something we’re trying to get better at.

So when we moved into our new office in June, I knew I wanted to make sure we took the time to celebrate it.

Let me back up.

We had been in our old studio for almost four years, and we loved it. But this year when we launched as Atelier Doré, we knew the team needed to grow to support all of our ideas. Quickly the old studio started to feel small, crowded, and messy as the team went from 6 people to 12. So I started the search for a new space for us thinking it would likely be a long one, and was very surprised when, on the first day of looking at spaces, Garance and I found our new studio.

The space is what we had always dreamed of: a loft apartment that we could work in. It has a full kitchen, full bathrooms, space and closets—everything our old studio was missing. It was a crazy decision to take it but we knew it was right, and in June we moved in.


A few months later and the space is starting to come together. We’re working with a special partner on making it perfect (you’ll get a full tour soon, I promise!) and we knew it was time to celebrate being here before the moment got away from us. So a few days ago, we gathered some of our closest friends and collaborators (you’ll recognize the faces below, I’m sure of it!) and the wonderful cook, Alison Roman, made us a special meal. It was a true coming together over good food with great people.