Make Yourself A Home


Decorating a home is a process that’s as challenging as it is exciting and pleasurable. It’s something we’ve been experiencing in small doses since moving into the new Atelier space, and something Garance has been working on since she moved into her new house, too. Personally, I’m four months deep in a couch hunt which is just shameful, I know!

With a million different ways to approach home decor, we wanted to focus on one, so we turned to the always elegant and stylish Jenni Kayne.

Jenni recently launched a home goods line under her eponymous brand, so it felt like a great time to have her round up some of her favorite items for the home, and take a look at her furnishing philosophy. I’ll let Jenni take it from here, like I said, I don’t even have a couch!

“I have always been passionate about designing homes and I like to layer in items that I love over time. My approach is to create spaces that are beautiful and timeless. A home should complement your lifestyle and be filled with things that make you happy. I like everything in my space to feel natural, organic and neutral. I never like a room to feel overdone or fussy. I am a mother with two kids (one on the way), two dogs, and two bunnies, so needless to say I have a full house! I am a firm believer that nothing can be too precious and form is just as important as function. In my own home, I always hope that when I walk into a room it makes me happy and evokes a feeling of calmness.”



“I like to keep it easy when it comes to selecting tableware. I buy timeless pieces that I love that also sit well together and make it easy to mix and match. I generally let the occasion, company and the menu guide me when I set the table, but you can’t go wrong with beautiful ceramics and seasonal greens or florals.”

Cutting board, Edward Wohl ; Burlap Napkins, Creative Women ; Double Bowl, Julie Cloutier ; Linen Napkin, Matteo ; Copper Cutlery Set, Canvas

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